Dean’s Notes

Dean's Notes 3-8-2021

I hope you all had a nice weekend. The air has been crisp lately here in New Haven, but spring is definitely in the air! Fun fact: On this day 14 years ago, I defended my PhD! That summer, I started my postdoc with Prof. Mooseker in MCDB…and I never left! Not so fun fact, but I’m hopeful that things are looking up: One year ago, this week was crazy. Usually, this day falls within Spring Recess, when we don’t send out Dean’s Notes, so I figured I’d share some nostalgia. ;)

Dean's Notes 3-1-2021


Happy March! March 1st brings the end of the arrival quarantine for those of you enrolled in-residence (on/off-campus) in New Haven – Yay!! I’m excited to grab an iced coffee (I’ll pre-order to make it quick) on Wednesday after our weekly family COVID test! We visit my parents every other weekend, and Sahej goes to daycare, but other than that, I’ve been waiting with you all. :)

Dean's Notes 2-23-2021

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 23, 2021

Hope you all enjoyed the 3-day weekend. As much as I miss having the 2-week Spring Recess, I can’t help but think about last year’s Spring Recess, which was absolutely wild and the opposite of a break! ;) So far, I’m liking these break days! It was nice to have a day without Zoom meetings. I caught up on some tasks and took a walk in the rain – it was a nice day. The fact that another break day is two weeks away is kind of nice! Yes, I am a glass half-full kind of person.

Dean's Notes 2-15-2021

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: February 15, 2021

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know things are picking up with coursework. Hang in there – the first break day is a week away!

Even though the weather is gloomy here in New Haven, I’m glad that we’re finally in Phase 3 of arrival quarantine – going for a walk is a great study break, and on-campus students can roam around campus rather than walking/running the TC/Old Campus sidewalks! ;) Always remember, self-care is very important.

Dean's Notes 11-3-2020

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: November 30, 2020

Hope you all had a wonderful November Recess! I hope you took some time to rest and rejuvenate. I usually cook a lot (with my sister) during this break, but we instead ordered-in (a lot) from our favorite restaurants – it was pretty great!! It was an Eat.Rest.Repeat kind of week. :)
And now for the final stretch of the term! I know, it is a bit crazy that it’s already the last week of classes and I know the next 3 weeks are going to be very busy. However, right after that, we’ll have another, more restorative break! Hang in there.

Dean's Notes 11-9-2020

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: November 9, 2020

Two more weeks of classes before Thanksgiving break! I know – this term has been quite the marathon. You’ve been on my mind a lot and I hope you’re doing okay. Please know that I’m here for you – to listen/talk, for support, and to cheer you on. Hang in there, Trumbullians! :)

Don’t let the flu get you down. Flu shot info here:, which includes the Find Your Flu Shot Tool.

Dean's Notes 10-19-2020

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: October 19, 2020

I’m going to reiterate my message from last week. I would normally be saying something today about the fact that I hope you’re rested and refreshed after October break (!). Again, please look at your schedule for this week and next week. Carve out time for yourself. Don’t just say you will – do it. We all need a break. It keeps us healthy, both mentally and physically.

Dean's Notes 10-5-2020

It was a beautiful weekend here in New Haven – I love the crispness in the air at this time of year and the foliage is getting prettier each day. I hope folks enjoyed it (here and wherever you are) – taking a walk is a great study break!

Dean's Notes 9-28-2020

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: September 28, 2020

I know that your academic work is really starting to pick up and believe it or not, midterm season has begun. I strongly encourage you to carve out some time for the upcoming Academic Strategies workshops, which are tailored to what you might need right now: Exam Study Strategies, Managing a Heavy Reading Load, Time Management (!), etc – check them out below.

Dean's Notes 9-8-2020

TRUMBULL COLLEGE: September 8, 2020

Hope you had a relaxing weekend (sorry – I know you had class yesterday, but Leah and I were off)! A big thank you to our FroCos, who helped our TrumFrosh make it through Orientation during these unusual times!! The job is always difficult, but this year has brought new challenges – and I truly commend their efforts. Congrats, TrumFrosh, on making it through your first week of classes!

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