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Jonathan Dach

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Pat Dallai

Pat Dallai is a local (aka townie), born in New Haven and has lived in the area all her life. She has three children, six grandchildren and loves the arts, reading and gardening. She came to work at Yale in 1979, and is now here for 35 years, and always considered Trumbull College her home base. She began her career as the Master’s AA in Trumbull, then went on to administer the Residential College Seminar Program and moved from that position to become the Excecutive Assistant in the Council of Masters central office. After spending a good portion of her career working with student life programs and issues, she took a position as the Executive Director of the Koerner Center for Emeritus Faculty–a change that she has enjoyed immensely. Pat feels privileged to have spent her career at Yale and the best part has been getting to know so many wonderful students, staff and faculty members.

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Jake Davidson


Jake Davidson is an artist that uses moving image, research, and narration to explore the depths and reanimations of colonialism. His interests include digital colonialism and the search for micro-autonomies. Works have recently been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, MoMA PS1, Terminal Projects, Higher Pictures, Temporary Agency, Recess Project Space, and Family Business in New York, as well as the Center for Electronic Arts in Norway, Syndicate Potentiel in France, Uganda in Jerusalem, and the Athens Video Art Festival in Greece. Jake was the recipient of the Oslo Grant, and a former artist in residence at Seven-Below in Vermont and the European Exchange Academy in Berlin. He was an artist at Fondazione Antonio Ratti in the summer of 2016, and will be screening new work at the 18th Festival of Experimental Cinema, Paris in Fall 2016. He holds a BFA from Calarts and an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College. His films are distributed through Doc Alliance. His book collaboration, Cloud Chambers, was published through Temporary Agency Press in New York.

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Margaret Deli


Margaret Deli (Maggie) is an Instructor in the Yale English Department, where she teaches classes on creative nonfiction (ENGL 120), gossip, scandal, and celebrity (ENGL 114), and the literary history of the female sociopath (ENGL 115).  In the spring of 2019, she served as the Interim Dean of Trumbull College; she currently serves as the Interim Dean of Silliman College. Maggie received her PhD from Yale in May of 2019.  She holds masters degrees from the University of Oxford and Christie’s Education in London and received her BA in English and Art History from Johns Hopkins University.  Her research focuses on aesthetic professionals and expertise during the modernist era.

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Michael Devoret

Applied Physics

Peter Dickinson

Eileen Donahue


Joe Doran

Yale Investments Office

Joseph Doran is a proud Trumbull alumni who graduated from Yale College in 2020 with degrees in Economics and Global Affairs. He is originally from Springfield, Virginia but currently resides in the great city of New Haven, Connecticut. After graduating, Joseph joined the Yale Investments Office where he focuses on Private Equity. Outside of work, he loves to swim, hike, read, and play piano. 

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