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Udo Ilo

World FellowUdo Jude Ilo works to expand the space for social innovation and champions the use of entertainment as a tool for shaping narratives, supporting new voices, and engaging with the youth population in Africa. As the Nigerian representative of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, his focus has been about creativity and finding new tools for democracy promotion. Udo supports civic mobilization and media campaigns on political participation, natural resources management, and rule of law. By building partnerships with local and regional groups that promote inclusive democratic governance, Udo helps advocate for an empowered citizenry that holds political institutions accountable. For nearly two decades Udo has worked to support a framework of democratic accountability that allows for the primacy of citizens voices through his professional roles and writings as a social commentator. He has published several articles and op-eds that span critical issues of governance affecting Africa.Email Udo Ilo

Brad Inwood

Classics and PhilosophyBrad Inwood came to Yale in 2015 and teaches ancient Greek and Roman philosophy in the departments of Classics and Philosophy. He was educated in Ontario and taught for many years at the University of Toronto, with breaks for research at Cambridge University, the National Humanities Centre in North Carolina, and at Stanford University. His research has been focussed on ancient Stoicism, though he has also published on the Presocratics, especially Empedocles, and on other topics in ancient philosophyEmail Brad Inwood