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Katherine Edersheim

Association of Yale AlumniEmail Katherine Edersheim

Kraig Eisenman

Foundational Technology Solutions at YaleKraig works as a Cloud Engineer in the Foundational Technology Solutions group at Yale. His role is to provide technical expertise to support teaching, research, and patient care. Kraig also works to reduce barriers and inefficiencies by implementing robust IT solutions.Email Kraig Eisenman

Jonas Elbousty

Near Eastern Languages and CivilizationsEmail Jonas Elbousty

Anna Elizabeth

CommunicationsAnna Elizabeth is a senior staff writer at the Yale Office of Development. Prior to joining Yale, she covered the White House for Bloomberg News, wrote for The Atlantic magazine, and reported on state politics for the Connecticut Examiner. Anna also worked in audio, producing for WBEZ Chicago and Connecticut Public Radio. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, and lives in East Rock with her wife and dog. Email Anna Elizabeth

Palmer Epler

Kai Erickson

Emeritus, Sociology

Kai Erikson is past president of the American Sociological Association, the Society for the Study of Social Problems, and the Eastern Sociological Society. He has been a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and a Visiting Scholar of the Russell Sage Foundation. He is the author of Wayward Puritans: A Study in the Sociology of Deviance, which won the MacIver Award of the ASA; and of Everything In Its Path, which won the Sorokin Award of the ASA. He is the only sociologist to ever twice win the top award of the Association for the best book of the year. His latest book is entitled A New Species of Trouble: Explorations in Disaster, Trauma, and Community. His research and teaching interests include American communities, human disasters, and ethnonational conflict. He has been Master of Trumbull College, Chair of the American Studies program at Yale, editor of The Yale Review, and Chair of the Department of Sociology.

Barbara Esty

Science & Soc Science LibrariesEmail Barbara Esty

Linda Evenson Wargo

Environmental Studies ProgramLinda Evenson Wargo is the Program Manager for the Yale College Environmental Studies Major and Program. She serves as Registrar for the Environmental Studies major, manages the Summer Environmental Fellowship, provides student and faculty support, coordinates events for the EVST major, and advises students about the EVST major and YSE 5-Year Program. Prior to working at Yale, she worked in the field of environmental science, policy, and administration. She is a former Resident Fellow of both Cendana College at Yale-NUS College in Singapore and Trumbull College. She received a master’s degree in Environmental Management from YSE. Email Linda Evenson Wargo