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Raphaella Zanuttini


Raffaella Zanuttini’s interest in linguistics arises from the fact that it studies a component of human nature with methods that approach scientific rigor. She  feels privileged to study an aspect of the human mind that is still largely mysterious, the knowledge of language, and enjoy the challenge of trying to model it using a theoretical framework that is still developing, the generative framework.

Shu Yi Zhou-Trzcinski

Global Strategy and International Affairs

Shu Yi Zhou is the Cross-Disciplinary Program Manager at Yale Young Global Scholars. Her love for STEM and the Social Sciences is rooted in her research at Columbia University. Her research focused on understanding why certain societies and cultures promoted the practice of skin bleaching, the history of skin color and societal status, and investigating the molecular and physiological effects of the bleaching agent, hydroquinone.

Prior to Yale, Shu Yi worked at Minds Matter, a national college access non-profit supporting high-achieving low-income students. There, she spearheaded a nation-wide summer programs initiative and sent over 600 students to pre-collegiate summer programs across the globe annually. Shu Yi’s a proud first-generation low-income student who graduated from the University at Albany with a B.S. in Human Biology and received her Ed.M. in Higher Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

She’s passionate about social justice, empowering youth activists, and supporting students with marginalized identities to thrive in higher ed. In her spare time she can be seen crocheting, dreaming about opening an animal sanctuary, or going on walks with her rescue pup from Azerbijian, Kiko.

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