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Maria Moreno

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental BiologyEmail Maria Moreno

Rufaro Mudimu

World Fellow Fall 2022Rufaro Mudimu is a social entrepreneur that is dedicated to youth development and socio-economic transformation in Africa. Rufaro’s commitment to youth development in Africa is driven by her belief that socio-economic transformation and leadership of the continent is in its young people. She currently leads enke: Make Your Mark (enke), a leadership development organization that generates and incubates youth-led social impact and enterprise in South Africa. enke, meaning 'ink' in SeTswana, was started in 2009 to bridge socioeconomic inequality by connecting, equipping, and inspiring young people with the skills and experiences to realize their value, thrive, and mobilize for a better future for themselves and others. Additionally, Rufaro is the founding chairperson of the Youth Development Collaboration Lab South Africa, an initiative by South African youth development enthusiasts to build stronger collaboration in the sector. She is also on the Board of Ikamva Youth, which enables disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty through education. Beyond South Africa, Rufaro has contributed and been selected to various leadership and development initiatives, such as the Global Youth Steering Committee of the 2019 Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator. She is also a One Young World Ambassador, alumna of the Obama Foundation Leaders Africa and Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) Young Leaders Programs. Rufaro holds a Master’s in Public & Development Management from the University of the Witwatersrand's School of Governance, a SocialEmail Rufaro Mudimu

John Murray

PsychiatryA Trumbull alumnus, John Murray, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. He is a graduate of Yale twice over, having received his B.S. In Physics and Mathematics in 2006 and Ph.D. In Physics in 2013. His lab’s research is in theoretical neuroscience, a multidisciplinary field that uses computational and mathematical modeling approaches to study brain function.